Our Mission

At 4:8 games we are dedicated to making fun and wholesome entertainment for gamers of all ages. This includes a wide variety of video gaming platforms including mobile devices. We avoid anything extremely dark, demonic, bloody, gory or magical. It is our sincere belief that “Christian” entertainment be fun, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. We try to remain true to this sincerely held belief based on what the Bible says in Philippians Ch 4 Verse 8.


Our pledge to you

Fun, Quality Games.

“While we believe that it is not necessary to “preach a sermon” or “shove the Bible down someone’s throat” in a game our goal is to subject players to subtle themes that will bring about thought provoking questions about life and eternity through a biblical perspective. While not being a necessity in every game theme the stated “goal” is to point players to Jesus Christ and a Biblical world view. Biblical themes should in no way compromise the fun and excitement factor of the game and May or may not be obvious to the player. After all if it is not fun then it’s not a game.”