Paper Doodle Craft

Now available on the App store and Google Play!

Release Date: July 16 2019

Current Game build version:1.0

Paper Craft is an endless notebook rocket doodle racer that starts slower and gets faster as you play. Tilt to move your craft through obstacles while simultaneously tapping the screen and certain enemies to fire bullets or homing missiles to destroy them.

Key Features and Gameplay:

-Tilt screen to move left and right.
-Tap the screen anywhere to fire normal bullets.
-Act quick and use your plasm bombs to create a temporary force field around your craft to destroy other enemy craft missiles and suicide bombers before they lock onto you.
-Tap specific obstacles and enemies on the screen to fire homing missiles to blow them to kingdom come!
-See your own creations come to life! Submit your own doodle crafts to be placed as the “featured craft” of the week with your name and country, playable by everyone!
-Destroy crates and rare “party balls” to Collect items and squiggles to purchase new craft racers and canvas backgrounds.
-4 initial crafts to unlock, each with its own unique stats for Speed, Energy and Recharge.
-4 Initial canvas backgrounds to unlock, notebook paper, grid paper, old parchment paper and concrete side walk.
-Unlock new power ups by completing achievements.
-Endure for awhile and stock up on missiles and plasma bombs to destroy the armored tank craft for extra points.
-New content & themes added every week.

Paper Car Title

We are currently in the pre production stages of a 3D racing adventure game for ios, PlayStation and Xbox called

Paper Car

Paper Car will feature an origami style car made out of paper. Everything in the game will be made of paper, pencil, drawings, paint, cotton balls, staples and anything else that would be found in a classroom. The game will have two modes of play: free play and grandprix. The grandprix mode will have different race circuits each consisting of 5 race tracks and three different difficulty modes to choose from before begging. The game will also feature a customization mode where the player can buy things in the “store” with money won from winning and participating in races. The store is a separate section of the game where the player can buy pencils, various types and colors of paper, stickers, ect for use in creating there own paper origami race car. In addition to the Store new racers, race tracks and bonus material can be unlocked by winning the various race circuits in different difficulty modes.

My team and I are currently working on this project in addition to our full time jobs, funding or donations to this project of any amount would be greatly appreciated. See the “Support a project” tab from the home menu page to learn more about how you can support Paper Car!

Angry Mechanic Adventures

Angry Mechanic Adventures is an Action 2d platformer where you play as an angry auto mechanic who is fed up with his day. Smash your way through rusty bolts, broken tools and equipment that is on the Fritz while keeping your anger meter from reaching the top. If you blow a gasket yourself then it is game over. Find and collect three of the golden time cards scattered through out each level to unlock bonus levels and mini games. Collect golden nuts to add points to your score. Remember your on the clock so keep your timer from running down to zero by smashing time clocks. Use one of your three weapons a big hammer a multi meter and wrenches that you throw to attack enemies. Find food items like pizzas, apples and ice cream that will lower your”anger meter” The Game will have up to ten levels and two bosses to defeat. Tool Cards can be found in each level that when collected will appear in the Gallery menu with a picture of each tool acquired with a real world description of how that tool is used by auto mechanics to repair cars.

Angry Mechanic Adventures is a game we have been working on in addition to PAper Car. The game is nearing completion with 1 beta version having been release on the google play store for testing. The finished game is currently set to be released in February 2017 for the public.