Paper Car

Target Platform: Ios, Android, Playstation, XBox, PC

Target rating: Everyone

Paper Car

Paper Car

START sign and car 3 START sign and car 2

A game where Hobby Lobby meets Hot Wheels!

Ladies and gentlemen! Come one! Come all! Pick up your pencils and paper for the best races this side of Crayola! Build your cars, create your tracks, and test your limits on your own creations! Make ’em lazy! Make ’em crazy! Any which way you like! Your only limit is your imagination.

  • Choose from all kinds of paper, pencils, crayons, paints, markers, staplers, paper clips, stamps, and virtually anything in a classroom to make your cars, tracks, and obstacles. You can even use the photos you uploaded to your console!
  • Race against your friends and share your tracks through wifi!
  • Use your race winnings to buy materials and instructions to unlock new items at the store!
  • Break apart your tracks as you drive! But be careful! Broken debris can block your path!


Currently we are in the process of putting together a development team for this game.  If you are passionate about gaming and programming  we are looking for a game developer who is skilled in using the Unity game engine. Send us your resume to